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Covid vaccine distribution is being managed through the Washington State Department of Health. To determine if it's your turn or "phase" to get the vaccine go to:

Find Your Phase WA

If it is your phase, print out the confirmation message from that website. It will be similar to this image:

Next, to determine locations to receive the vaccination, go to:

Vaccine Locations

The locations are listed by county and give you instructions on how to schedule an appointment at the location.

Some things to remember:

1) For the current vaccines, you need 2 doses, separated by 21 days. You need to get the same "brand" of vaccine for both doses.

2) Patience, persistence and flexibility are important. Many people will be using the same websites, phone numbers, emails. Keep trying.

3) Locations may temporarily run out of their stock of vaccine. This may mean waiting to go to your preferred location or choosing another location.